Own Conveyance

Need for a Personal Conveyance

Own conveyance5Personal conveyance has become the most essential need of everyone with the present life style. In a way it is required, especially if you working little far away from your home and if you a have a family.

Way back in 1972, I still remember the day I bought my first two wheeler, a scooter from the Defence Canteen Stores Department. I was so happy to own a two wheeler of my own. I felt proud.

It is always good to Dream about having your own conveyance. But at the same time there are many things that you need to know before owning your own conveyance.

Valid Driving Licence: Owning a bike or a car is not big deal, you need to have a valid Driving Licence to drive. For this, you need to attain certain age limit according to the rules laid down in a country and we need to follow that. Again, you need to qualify for driving different type of vehicles, only then the Licencing Authority will endorse the details to that effect in your Driving licence, without which you are not eligible to drive a vehicle, whether it is a two wheeler or a four wheeler. Above all, you must be really a safe driver both during day and in night and in different weather conditions.

Decide What You Want

My BikeYou should assess your requirement before deciding to buy one. Now a days, ideally, a family will require at least two conveyance at home, one for personal use and the other for the use by the family. Here you must also consider many factors like, type, size/ power of the vehicle, fuel consumption, cost etc. Because everything must fall within your limits.

You should also have a thorough knowledge about the traffic rules and about the road signs that are used in a particular country.

Further, you need to follow the statutory rules regarding the vehicle insurance. basically the vehicle insurance covers the loss to people and the damage to the vehicles and also covers the risk/ loss to the third party. But everything will depend on the Insurance coverage you take.

Another statutory obligation is the payment of Road tax of your vehicle. There are different rules in regard to this ie., for new vehicle or used vehicle etc.

The point you need to remember is whether you use your vehicle or not, you need to spend some amount on the above points, which will be adding up to your financial commitment.

If the average monthly kms run is less, then it would be advisable to buy a used car in good condition than buying a new one. Because if the usage is less, the yearly depreciation of the car will be high, which is a loss.

Another point of consideration for selection of your car will be, the size of your family. So better get a vehicle that can carry everyone of your family preferably. Travelling together will always strengthen the family relationship.

Arranging Finance

These days arranging finances for a conveyance is not a big deal. You can get conveyance loan from any of the Banks, which you can repay in EMIs’ over a period of time.

So realizing your ‘Dream of having own Conveyance’ is not a big issue at all. Remember, you must have a Desire and Dream about having a conveyance of your Own. Make out a plan and start working on it. If you are very sincere in your approach and have a positive outlook, then everything will move forward and you will be quite surprised, your dream of having ‘Own Conveyance’ will become a reality earlier that you expected. One never knows!