Dream House

Your Dream House is now within your reach. How fast do you want to realize your dream? Here are some Tips. Just follow them and your Dream House will become a reality!

Dream HouseAs you grow you start realizing the ‘Family Values and Dignity of Human Life’. Now that you have a nice job, it’s time that you look in for a ‘matching life partner’ and settle down in life. Ideally, this is the time you think about your Dream House’, a house where you want all members of your family to be able to live together – to make it into a ‘Beautiful home’ and live a happy family life.

In a few cases, people may inherit ancestral properties or may have rich parents who can afford to buy a beautiful house for their children. But generally, all are not born with silver spoon in their mouth. So, in most of the cases you need to work hard for realizing your Dream House.

Now, there are many important factors that you need to consider before execution of your Dream House Project. And they are,

Selection of your Dream House

    • Whether you want an independent house or a flat,
    • The size of the house, ie., total area and whether 1 BHK or 2 BHK or 3 BHK house,
    • The finishes and comforts that you want to provide in your Dream House,
    • The maximum funds that you are able to generate,
    • Insurance coverage for the Home loan amount you might take,
    • The repayment schedule considering your other financial commitments,
    • Your job security, especially while working out the EMIs,
    • If you and your spouse are working, then the possibility of ‘Joint Home Loan application etc.

After a detailed evaluation you have now decided on your project a Dream House.

Selection of Property

  • Location, whether it is a residential area, may be you have aged parents, you would like to choose a clean and peaceful environment, especially avoiding the noise pollution,
  • Proximity to important places,
  • Availability of utilities like drinking water. electricity.

Selection of Developer / Builder

The credibility of the Developer / Builder is very important in terms of materials used for construction, quality of workmanship and timely completion of the projects. In addition, the following points also must be considered.

    • Check the Title Deeds of the Project Land and Joint Agreements by the Developers/ Land Owners,
    • Cost per sq.ft. for the given specification and finishes. Never go by the low sq. ft. rate alone quoted by the Builder. You need to compare the quality if finishes/ items being provided,
    • Good documentation between the Developer and the Purchaser, like Allotment letter on booking, followed by execution of a Sale Agreement and final Sale deed for the undivided portion of the land and the Sale Deed of the Flat after the construction is completed.
    • Percentage comparison between the Super Built Area / Floor Area / Carpet Area
    • Utilities and other amenities that are being provided for the project. Sometime Builders fail to provide all the amenities that were promised at the time of Project Launch.
    • Any deviation of work, whether in your flat or in the project as a whole as compared to the Plan Approved by the authorities.
    • Occupation Certificate from the Approval Authorities.
    • Ownership Certificate and Katha transfer (both A n B).
    • Transfer of Ownership details in all the Govt. statutory documents.

You need to evaluate physically and check the quality of construction/ finish of the projects done by the Builder, if they have done any earlier, because  experience makes a person to be more perfect.

The above details might look difficult and quite confusing. But they are very important or else you will have problems later on. No one is well experienced in these matters, but then we need to learn them for our own benefit.

Don’t you worry, at any point of time, if you have any doubts on any issues mentioned above, you are most welcome to write to me and you doubts shall be clarified. We want to turn your Dream House into a Reality!

Thus you can make all your dreams into a reality!