My Life Experience

When I look back, It is quite satisfying to look back at the achievements I have made in my life. I had many dreams in my life since my childhood. Luck and success had always favoured me throughout my life.

During these years, there were moments of joy and sorrow, good and bad times, moments of worry and tension. In spite of all these, I found my way to live quite an enjoyable and eventful family life till now.

It is this life experience and the confidence to face any challenges in life that prompted me to create this website of my own, to share and interact with my friends and their families across the world.

Today, we find people who wish to have everything in their life but are not willing to work hard to make their Dreams into a Reality. Most of them become totally confused even when they face a little failure in their life.

Everything is possible to achieve in your life, I can assure you, provided you have a proper approach with a good planning and put in your best. And then, you will be able to Realize all your Dreams.

It is my desire to help everyone, especially those who are totally confused in their life, by sharing my ‘Life Experience’, which I hope, will inspire them. This website is dedicated for the same noble cause. And ‘let us make our Dreams into a Reality’. But nothing is possible without your support. We invite your help and seek your support because you are my inspiration. Let’s make every home a happy home by making our ‘Dreams into a Reality’.

Want to know a little about my life experience?

I am an engineer officer in the Indian Army, now enjoying a retired life in my home town.

OG-16 - CopyImmediately after my college studies, I was commissioned as Second Lieutenant (2/Lt.) into the Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army in August 1967. It was my urge to do more and better things in life that prompted me to take premature retirement from the army. Thus after 20 years of service I took premature retirement in August 1987.

While serving in the army, I had the very rare opportunity, for being very closely associated with the execution of Naval Dry Dock Gate at Vizag. Certainly it was a unique project work, which increased my confidence level in planning and execution and supervision.

Further, as a Major, I was appointed as Criminal Public Prosecutor for GCM (General Court Martial) in a national espionage  case. It was truly a rare and unique experience to do the roll of a criminal lawyer.

McGlan 13 - CopyAfter my early retirement, I conceptualized, designed and set up a pharmaceutical company (McGlan Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.) in July 1988. I was the Chairman and Managing Director (CMD). The project was executed in a remarkably short period of eight months and carried out further expansion/ diversification including new product development, export, and maintenance till September 1995.

Later, I worked as a Senior Project Engineer for an international construction company in Middle East from 1997 to 1999. for a 300 meter high-rise building.

After coming back to India, I worked as a Chief Coordinator, with one of the religious congregations for about two years.

sal 1-01 - CopyWe have a non-profit charitable organization, Save A Life Foundation (SAL) since November 2001. As Chairman and Director of SAL, I’ve organized many activities/ programs forming part of its ‘Integrated Community Development Projects’.

Copy of DSC05508I love nature and pets. In fact we all love pets. During the 45 yrs of our married life, we have had twelve pet dogs in our family one after another. In spite of the service conditions in the army, we moved from one place to the other with my family, luggage and of course, our pets.

Believe it or not, so far we have travelled over 25000 Kms; 18,503 kms by train in first class and about 6,680 kms by road with our pets and traveled at height of 13,100 feet. Currently we have the 11th and 12th, a Labrador pair named Bruno and Lyka. We really enjoy their company; they are part of our family.

Copy of DSC04071Hobbies: Love for pets, photography, are my main hobbies and other hobbies include painting, drawing, working on my computer, making videos/ documentaries and uploading them on my YouTube channel (GeorgeCMaliakal).And recently I added Numismatics and Philately (which I had in my school days). My videos are true and original and they are all my creations. As of now there are 190 videos on my channel and all of them are my own creations. It brings me great joy to know that my videos are being watched and appreciated by over 513,687 viewers from 203 countries across the world.

I have authored a few books:

  • Secrets of My Success – Full of my Life Experiences
  • Rising Tower – A Fiction
  • A Book on Career Guidance – Real help for the Youth, published in 2000
  • Towards Success – For aspiring Young Professionals n working professionals
  • A Tribute to Our Pet Dogs – A book paying tribute to all our pet dogs.
  • Make your Dreams into a Reality.

One has been published; I’m waiting for the others to be published soon.

Travelled extensively in India: alone as well as together with my family; with and without our pets; while I was in the Army and after retirement, thereafter. I have also visited UAE, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

Learning is a continuous process and I continue to work even with my health issues. All these years of my hectic life had made my life rich with experiences beyond any doubt. In a way it gives me great satisfaction, but I’m not done yet.

Maj. George Maliakal (Retd.)

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