mdirWP.pic13Relationship is a very delicate and sensitive topic. Further, it changes its character depending on the people involved in it – say between husband and wife, then between parents and their children, and children, between the siblings, between friends, between colleagues, and so on. Here we shall mainly discuss how such a relationship can affect you and your family and how such relationship can make your life more beautiful.

Within the Family: To begin with, you must be more concerned about the relationship within your family. You should learn about the family values and their importance within your family. Your family may consist of your parents, perhaps, grandparents and your siblings. All may or may not be well qualified, some may be employed and some unemployed, some may be getting good salary and others getting less, some may be doing hard labour, some may be working night shift and some on a day shift, and may by some studying.

Obviously it is a tricky situation; because every member of your family is contributing in their own way for meeting their family needs and for the growth of your family.

But here the point you must realize is that, there has been a tremendous change in the outlook of the family size. As compared to larger families you had in the past, now mostly you have so called nuclear families with one or two children. Here again, they may be living together or may living separately in far off places due to their job or other requirements.

And you are concerned about your family and the relationship within your family, upholding the ‘family values’ and ‘dignity of human life’. In order to achieve this, members of your family must understand each other. There must be a lot of sharing between the members. Everyone should have a mindset to forgive and to forget and have lot of mutual respect. You may have to make some sacrifices for the sake of your family also, especially when you are away from your family due to certain situations.

At times the family may face financial hardship and will have to look for some ways and means to generate additional income for the family. In some cases, both husband and wife may be working and that too at different places and may be at different timings. All these things can upset the regular routine in the family. Some members of the family may have to work longer.

Feeling of ‘Oneness’: mdirWPpic.7Under these circumstances, there must be lot of understanding among the family members. All should have a feeling of ‘Oneness’. Because ultimately, everyone’s intention is the same, to be part of a happy family.

Family is the smallest close knit unit in the society.  If the family ties are stronger, upholding the family values, then certainly your family life will be quite enjoyable and more beautiful.

As stated at the beginning, ‘Relationship’ is a very delicate and sensitive topic. So far, you are concerned about your role as part of your family, how your relationship with other members of your family, to make your family life more beautiful. But there are many other major issues about your relationship with the outside world. That will also have a direct bearing in making your family life more beautiful.

According to the life style or life activities most often all members of a family must be interacting with people outside your family, like children at their schools and colleges, and working members with other employees of their company. Then, you will have other people who have become your friends as you meet them in your daily life. As your children grow they will have friends from their opposite sex, which could turn into a romantic relationship etc. There is also a possibility of an extra marital relationship.

So if you really look at the topic ‘Relationship’, it is a very delicate issue and everyone will have their own reasons to justify their relationship with others. What you all must be worried about should be that you want to be a part of your happy family life. Your relationship with any member of your family or with people outside your family, should not hurt others in anyway and everyone must be even prepared to make some sacrifice for the sake of the happiness of your family.

As mentioned earlier, Family is the smallest close knit unit in the society. If the family ties are stronger, upholding the family values, then certainly your family life will be quite enjoyable and more beautiful.