Quality Time

Quality Time and Quality Time Management can make your Dreams into a Reality.

mdirWP.pic14Quality Time is the precious time that we spend with our near and dear ones, sharing joyful moments, expressing our love and affection for each other, making them feel how much you love them and how much you care about them. It is the precious and valuable time, which everybody in the family will be looking forward to. It could be you and your wife sharing some joyful moments together with your baby, or may be talking about the school activities of your children, enquiring about the health condition of your aged ailing parents and so on.

It can also happen at the dining table spending some quality time together, or at the recreation time, where every member present there sharing their views.

Now a days, if you look around you will find people invariably looking very busy – either talking to someone over the phone, or working on the computer, or taking part in some international conferences calls and that too perhaps even while driving or travelling, as part of their job.

Earlier, the working hours were limited to 8 hours during daytime. Now, everything is flexible. All that you have to do is to meet your target. So it’s up to you whether you work for 8 hours or more or less; work at your office or work from your home.

Though this work culture you find generally in the IT sector, the trend is almost the same in other employment sectors.

Thus, you mostly slog through the day, become dead tired, reach back your home very late, and perhaps with some home assignments. And may be, you reach home after a long drive or after a long travel. Now all that you will be looking forward to is to take some rest, refresh yourself and preferably attend to some of the home assignments you brought and to go to bed; because mostly you have to repeat the same routine the next day also. Now this is about your condition.

scan0055 - CopyOne point disturbs me a lot. In the recent years, generally we find a shift in the attitude of the people towards ‘Family Values’ and the ‘Dignity of Life’. There seems to be an utter confusion in finding a balance between their ‘Family Life’ and their ‘Professional Life’ – or losing control over either of them, especially due to the new work culture and high expectations of functioning and growth. In the bargain, who is the looser? This is a very serious matter, because, it affects your life as well as your family.

Quality Time Management is very interesting topic, because it can certainly make your life more beautiful. And we shall continue this topic sometime later.