Profession7Profession helps you to make your Dreams into a Reality. This is something everyone looks forward to, a profession that suits your tastes and brings handsome salary. But often you forget the importance of good education to achieve what you have been looking for. Glad you have some great desire; but you must also know the ways by which you can easily achieve this.

Knowledge is Wealth

It is a common scene in all families: the parents inspire their children to study well, but their children often ignore education as a ‘must’ item like their food, for their future. It is a fact that many children don’t realize the value of timely education.

As you are aware, many countries in the world today do not have well educated people, or the ‘brain strength’ in their country and they are dependent on the ‘highly qualified manpower’ from other countries. And now they realize, had they taken necessary steps to educate their children, they would have had better profession for their own children and not give away such opportunities to other foreign nationals.

Education and knowledge building are two very important lifelines for achieving growth / progress either to an individual or to a country. Therefore, get a better education and continue to educate yourself as you grow. And increase your ‘knowledge base’ will take you to a better future.

Choose Your Profession

images (4)After acquiring a reasonable education you can look out for a profession. Higher the qualification, better the opportunities await you. And chances are that you are likely to get a better profession, mostly to your liking.

You should be very careful while choosing your profession. You will find different kinds of people – some may be after a very good salary, some may be for a good designation, some may be looking for a career growth, some may be looking for an easy going type profession not prepared to undertake any stress or stain, some may be looking for a static or a transferable profession.

Every situation has its own plus and minus points. What you need to look for is, which profession suits you the best with your qualification and according to your personal qualities, and of course, also considering your commitments to your family.

There are many issues that are linked with your profession that will help you make your life more beautiful.

After you have completed your education to your satisfaction, you can now look for a career/ profession with your qualification that suits your personal qualities and, of course, considering your commitments to your family. You should not worry at all about the level of education you have achieved now. The reason is that in future, you will get plenty of opportunities to enhance your knowledge in many ways as you go along in your life provided you have an interest to do so. Always remember, more the knowledge you acquire, better the opportunities you can look forward to.

Initially it may not be very easy to get into a good profession. Most employers will be looking for experienced people whereas you have no experience. Some employers ‘fresh hands’ as ‘trainees’ for a limited duration after which, based on your performance, you are appointed as a regular employee. It is here that you face a stiff competition; because job seekers are more and the opportunities may be very few.

If you are lucky you may get a profession of your choice from the very beginning; but in most of the cases this doesn’t happen. So make a beginning with whatever best you can choose from. It is here you may have to make some compromises to your desires. The job may not be fully to your satisfaction, remuneration may much less than you expected, you may have to stay away from your family, and so on. You have to make a beginning and earlier the better. Your first job will help you gain work experience and help you to develop your personal qualities. So with this God given opportunity, you can now start thinking of a life for yourself and make your family happy with your additional income to your family, which will make their life more comfortable.

Some Useful Tips

Profession certainly can make your life more comfortable; but how? Well, here are a few tips.

1. Choose a profession that matches with your personal qualities and your family needs. Here you may have to make some compromises like your ambition, career growth, etc. But the fact is that you have taken a right decision in the interest of your family needs, which will help you to attend to their needs and this will make your life more beautiful. And once your family situation improves, you can look for better opportunities.

2. Maintain a balance between your professional and your family life. It is a fact that we need money for our survival and your profession gets you money as your salary. So your profession is very important, in fact its’s the lifeline of you and your family. So you must be fully dedicated and loyal to your employer. At the same time you cannot / should not ignore your family. Your family needs you as well. So wherever you are, you must set aside enough time to attend to your family needs.

3. Plan your daily routine well, your living, travel to your work place, handling your job responsibilities, adhering to to the work culture, and, of course, a good interaction with your family.

4. Good interaction with your family. If you are a daily commuter then this becomes comparatively easy. It is a known fact that your, travel to your work place or travel as part of your profession, job responsibilities will make you tired by the end of the day. And you want to reach home somehow, refresh and relax for a while before calling it a day. But you must realize that your family has been anxiously waiting for you all through the day. So reserve some energy so that you are able to interact with the members of your family, may be your children, your aged parents, your siblings, and your spouse.

And if you are out-station, then ensure you communicate with your family very often over the telephone, cell phone, or through other communication systems that are available these days. This will give them a feeling that mentally you are always with them though physically you may be far off from your family. Also, try and make frequent visits to you home, which will make your family happier with your presence.

5. Never carry your office work to your home, unless in extreme emergency. In such cases you need additional time to attend to your work, which otherwise you would have been spending with your family. But now a days, the work culture is such that in certain cases you are required to work any time of the day. Under such circumstances, manage your work schedule well so that you get enough time for everything.

6. Share the work load of the family in situations where both husband and wife working. If your spouse is also working, then you both will be under similar pressure. In addition, one of you has to take care of the household like, cooking, house keeping, attend to young children etc. And these are not easy tasks either. Here, you must have a very good understanding with your spouse and support each other by sharing the workload, in situations whether you are working from your home or working away from your family.

Points mentioned above are meant for those who love their family and want to make their life more beautiful. However, all will depend on the individual attitude towards their family life and the living culture prevailing in a country. And the situation what we see today – many divorcees, ignored / abandoned children, ignored parents, all these can be partially attributed to for not valuing the dignity of family life.