Copy of DSC05508Many of us love pets. And they have their own reasons for keeping pets. Some may like ‘Birds’ and some may like ‘Animals’ – all up to the taste of the individuals or the family.

If we have ‘Pets’ in your family certainly they can make our life more beautiful.

Here I would like to mention that, we love pets and we love pet dogs. We have pet dogs for the last 45 years.

Making the right choice and selection of the pets largely will depend on the time you can spare for them, the environment you live in, and the most important of all, your financial capacity in managing them.

Some would like to have them as their companion. And some would want them as their watch dog, and others use them as retrievers. Some selected breeds are also being trained as service dogs to help the handicapped people in their daily life. Besides all these, some use them as show dogs, suitably trained to participate in various dog shows. Police and private detectives after giving very special training use dogs for crime detection purposes. And lastly, many people keep them for their commercial gains – for breeding.

Everyone has his/her own outlook towards pets. We always wanted a family pet, a pet that can be treated as part of the family – a pet that can be friendly with every member of the family, very docile and not aggressive yet creating a scare to the intruders/ visitors to our house. So I trained all our pets accordingly.

Some of the dogs are very intelligent and pick up our command very fast. Whereas some need more training and you need to train them to your needs. I am happy that I was able to train our pet dogs into very good family pet dogs to suit our requirements

As far as our family is concerned we have a very rich experience with our pets. We, as individuals and as a family have benefited a lot. They have been our good companions and as playmates to our children in their childhood.

Recently, pet dogs are also recognized as ‘Stress Busters’, because of their affectionate behavior. On many occasions they have helped me in diluting my tense moments of life with their affectionate behaviour. They have always brought happiness to our life. They also took care of the security of our house.

The only minus point in keeping pets is that they tie you down to your place; it restricts your movements and it becomes very difficult if we have to move out to visit somebody far away specially with big dogs like Labrador. Over the years we have become so attached to our pets that they have become part and parcel of our life, especially the present pair of Labrador we have, Bruno and Lyka. I spent some quality time with them while training as well as playing with them.

‘Pets’ is a very interesting topic and we shall continue this topic sometime later.