Hobbies can also make your Dreams into a Reality

Good , Bad , n the UglyAt the outset, you must explore yourself to find out what you are, your strength and weaknesses. Try to identify the talents in you. Talents are God’s gifts, which you develop and they will be of great help to you in your life.

Say for example, you might like singing and may be if you take it up seriously, you might turn out to be a very good singer in the future. Similarly, you like drawing/ painting, which if you develop, you might turn out to be a very good professional painter in the future. Further, say you like photography, and if your are lucky enough, you can grow up into a very good professional photographer.

At times, you will be able to develop some of your talents into a profession and others, may be you can develop them as your past time hobbies, which will again improve your personality in a big way. And if you are creative in your thoughts you can do wonders.

Some of the talents are in born in some individuals where as some talents or hobbies are learnt or developed as you grow up in your life.

Copy of DSC04071There are many hobbies that you can choose from, like drawing, painting, photography, reading, singing, playing musical instruments, acting, cooking, gardening, clay modelling, sculpting, collecting like collection of stamps, coins antiques, making jewellery etc. If you have an interest you can learn and develop them in your life.

Hobbies can help you manage your free time very usefully and productively. If you are good at it, then you can also generate some additional income, which you can add to your family income, especially so where your family income is not enough to meet your family needs.

No one will object you to such activities provided you give correct priorities to your day-to-day activities and attend to your commitments. But if you ignore the essentials and waste your time on unproductive things, then such things can only cause irritation and tension within your family. And it will only make things worse instead of you helping your family life more enjoyable and beautiful.

Therefore, encourage your children to pick up some good hobbies and help to develop them further so that it will be useful to them as an individuals and also to your family as hobbies can also make your life more beautiful.