Health is Wealth

mdirWP.pic10jpgIt helps you to ‘make your Dreams into a Reality’.  ‘A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body’, no one can ever forget this good old saying. So it is of prime importance to maintain a good health. Health can play a major role in your life, either to make it the best or the worst.

Our Role

Lucky are those parents who have healthy children and as we see many families have children who are physically handicapped, mentally retarded, and children with other fatal /terminal diseases.

From the very birth of a child we need to care of their health.  It is the responsibility of the parents or whosoever responsible for the child, to take care the health of the child, like good food, preventive vaccines/ medicines etc. As we know, if the preventive vaccines and medicines are not given to the new born or to the child as needed, it can cause major health problems to the child like major incurable disease which can make a child’s life quite miserable.

As the child grows parents should gradually educate their children about the importance of maintaining a good health and train them to follow a daily routine, which would help them to live a beautiful life. It is quite desirable to make your children to be choosy about only tasty food or anything like that;because as children, they are not able to identify what is good or bad for their health. It is for the parents to make them understand. Later, it is the responsibility of every child to maintain their good health under the guidance of their parents; else they may have to live with many health problems through out their life, which would affect their dreams about their future life.

As we grow further, we become more matured to understand our bad living habits. Avoid them and continue to follow a good daily routine to maintain a good health to make our lives beautiful.

Our Living Habits

Our Living Habits like Food, Daily Activities, Physical Exercises, Profession, Rest/ Sleep timings have a direct bearing on our Health.

images (7)The things  you should be worried about are your daily activities, both physical and mental exertion you undergo and the time you spend to sleep and relax. The reason being, according to your daily activities, your physical and mental exertion consumes a lot of energy, which are to be replaced on a regular basis, to keep you fresh and energetic to take on any further challenges in your life all the time.

Therefore, we need to take enough quantity of good nutritious food according to our age and our daily activities. If need be, we must also take some supplements to maintain a healthy body.

Further, as you work you also need to give sufficient rest to your body. At time it is quite possible that you stretch yourself to meet your set target  to to maintain the continuity of your task. But at the same time you need to give sufficient break both to your body and to your mind so that your spent energy is recouped and once again you become fresh to continue with your daily routine.

Then, of course, your other living habits like smoking, taking alcoholic drinks, drug addiction etc. will also matter your health in a big way. So ultimately you are the judge to decide what you want, a good health with good living habits or something else. After all you want to ‘make your Dream into a Reality.

But we all know, ‘Man proposes and God disposes’. So, even though we take utmost care, definitely some unforeseen events can happen in your life, like some major disease, or become handicapped due to some accidents etc., which can make your life miserable. Such events are purely beyond our control and we need to accept as our destiny.