mdirWPpic.5Dream is an imaginary series of events that you experience in your mind while you are asleep. It could be about a past event, related to your future life, or may be a totally different subject. It could have a positive or a negative impact on your life.

There is no bar on age / heath/ wealth to Dream. Dreams could be small or large. Its effect on your life may be less or more. It is for you to decide, to pursue your Dream and make it into a Reality.

But here we are referring to the Dreams that we have about things which you would like to achieve in your life. And these dreams may affect your personal, your family, or the society you live in. It’s purely up to you when to dream and what to dream.

A person can have as many dreams as they like: some with long-terms effect while some with short term effect. ‘Building own house’ would be a dream with a long term effect, whereas “I’d love to visit some new place this summer” could be a dream with a short-term effect. Each one requires a different level of effort to realize them.

mdirWPpic.4Do you Dream? 

We all need to have Dreams and live towards them. It is the possibility of having your ‘Dream come True’ that makes your life more Beautiful!! Every one of us dream, but most of us ignore them. We Dream about:

  • Bringing up of your children,
  • Your/ their Education,
  • Your/ their Career,
  • Your/ their Marriage,
  • Your Conveyance,  Dream House,
  • Relationship within your family.

But you need to choose dreams, which are very realistic, practical and which can bring in big changes in your life. Can we make our DREAMS into REALITY?  Yes, you CAN.

We often say, ‘Never miss an opportunity. Opportunities may not come again’. Do you think you have missed any opportunity in your life so far? Even if you have missed one, never mind, catch up with your Life Line now. Start dreaming and try to make your Dreams into a Reality.

It is quite natural to share our dreams with others. Some time they might laugh at you and a very few might encourage you. Never get discouraged or disappointed at their negative comments. If you think your dream is quite realistic and it can really bring big changes in your life, then you must decide to move forward and make your Dreams into a Reality. Read more on ‘How to make your Dreams into a reality?’